On this page I've gathered together a few links that are to do with business, a few to do with my passion for cars & bikes and also some links to the pieces of software that have been used to build this website.

Just click the logos

The excellent official website of Janome USA
The official website of Janome UK
The homepage of Horn Cabinets

THE bulletin board for Subaru Impreza owners
THE bulletin board for Motorcycle Trials
Official website of GasGas Motorcycles UK

Get the Adobe pdf reader. A free download to allow you to read .pdf files on your machine.
A very useful, little, free utility for unzipping archived files after downloads.
The information that allows you to place a live Google Map into your own webpages. It's easy to do and all sorts of options are available but I've decided to use quite a basic one on the 'Contact Us' page.

ANC Parcel carriers. The carriers that we use allow you to track your delivery on their website