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   Here at R. Bullock & Son Ltd we have been embroidering since 1993 and have invested over £170,000.00 in new embroidery machines, state of the art Wilcom digitizing software and other equipment. We currently run 21 heads of Happy embroidery machines similar to the machine above. These machines enable us to provide a top quality embroidery service at a reasonable price.

    We embroider a whole range of items from a number of different manufacturers, such as t-shirts, caps, polo shirts and sweatshirts, all the way up (or down!) to car mats. We have contacts to supply most types of garments, whether standard or custom made, and can cater for both large and small production runs.

    In this section you will find details of some of the items that we supply and embroider but, due to the complex nature of embroidery pricing the prices in the price list below are for guidance only. If you need any exact prices please contact us using the 'Contact Us' button on the left.

    Let us know the number of items that you require of each style, sizes and details of your design and we will be happy to price the whole job as quickly as possible.

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It is taken as implicit in the acceptance of all embroidery work that the customer is either the copyright holder or an authorised user licenced by the copyright holder and that the customer will indemnify R. Bullock & Son Limited in full against any claim that may arise. 

So, in layman's terms, please don't ask us to embroider "Addias", "Nike", "Ford"
or any other Registered Trade Marks because we can't.